Barbados Travel Information

Purchase travel and health insurance before you travel!

Security and Safety

Be cautious and mindful at all times. Be careful when walking into the busy main streets after withdrawing cash from ATMs. Avoid isolated places, such as beaches, especially after dark.
Do not carry large amounts of money or jewelry. Be sure to check the hotels safe to make sure it is truly safe.

Road travel

To drive you will usually need to purchase a temporary driving permit. The vehicle rent companies typically assist with this.
Be careful when driving around streets since there could be many potholes and speed bumps. Watch the speed limitations. You should take additional care on small streets and in rural regions where there are thin streets and blind corners. Pedestrians frequently walk in the streets and signs aren’t always visible.
Public transportation is accessible and is better for the economy. Minibus drivers may drive over the speed limit.

Air travel

All airline travel is accompanied with complimentary soda drinks. They even offer alcoholic beverages on your ride. The seats are soft and allow for a comfortable long journey.

You can find the complete EU Air Safety List for the European Commission as well as the current incidents and injuries for the past year within the Aviation Safety system booklet.

All passengers are  required to go through metal detectors and Xray scanning to allow for a more safer ride.


Please be advised when you are going swimming. There are many large strong currents on few of our favorite beaches in the west and south coasts.

There may not be lifeguards or warning signs to alert you of the dangerous currents. Please always be aware of your surroundings and do not go swimming where you do not see others swimming.

Swimming is not recommended on lots of the west coast shores where currents are especially powerful. You should track all shores carefully and follow any regional warnings.

Discover Many Opportunities

Barbados offers many things for tourists to discover. From learning about our cultural history, to our beautiful weather lets us help you find the most affordable location for your next vacation.

Things to do in Barbados

Saddle Up

Horse riding is a favorite activity in Barbados. Most tourist saddle up and ride out to the shore at sundown or just trek along arctic trails. There are dozens of horse-riding events around the Garrison Savannah.

Wonderful Local Pottery

Barbados’ famous Chalky Mount potters are famous for their top quality cheap pottery. You’re able to see the local potters at work creating wondering masterpieces. Purchase a few of their merchandise to support the local economy.

Cricket Match

Cricket is most peoples athletic obsession. There is always a game going on somewhere in the world. Walk into local bars or clubs and watch the latest cricket matches around the world.

Victorian Architecture

The Jacobean St Nicholas Abbey was built with intricate Persian arches along with well-kept gardens. The George Washington House and Museum is a delightfully renovated plantation home, in which the former US president remained on a brief trip to Barbados in 1751.

Why Barbados

With the large amount of local entertainment and many public holidays, Barbados is no place for bored people.

Go Scuba Diving

We have a fun and safe environment for people of all ages to try out this fantastic and addictive sport. From beginner to instructor we offer a variety of courses to fit your needs

Research Harrison's Cave

With plenty of stalactites, stalagmites, streams, waterfalls and lakes, Harrison’s Cave is a jaw-dropping scene. The caves have first been mentioned in historic records as far back as 1795. It was nearly forgotten for almost 200 decades, before being discovered in 1976. Visitors may explore the caves on a 40-minute guided excursion within a cart.

See Morgan Lewis Mill

The beautiful Morgan Lewis Mill is one of just two of Caribbean’s complete sugar mills. The mill contains a display of the gear used to make sugar. Even though the old farm home has seen better days, its crumbling exteriors are sturdy and carry significant heritage history.

Visit Bridgetown

Visit the National Heroes Square and see the statue of Lord Nelson, built in 1813. A replica was later set up in London. Nearby will be the Parliament Buildings, Bridgetown Synagogue as well as the pretty and pink pastel colored facades of the DaCosta’s Mall.



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